Q:  Will it be Steve Fox coming to DJ my event?

      A:  Yes! As long as he’s not booked on the date of your event

Q:   Is there a cost for set up and travel?

      A:  There’s no charge for set up. If we travel more than 100 miles, there will be a charge for fuel.

Q:  I know it takes a lot of time to plan out my wedding. Is there an additional charge for that?

      A:  No! It is all part of your wedding package. I will spend as much time as needed to plan out your special day.

Q:  Do you bring a backup system?

      A:  Yes! Not only a sound system, but a backup music system.

Q:  If I have a keyboard, a string quartet or singer at my wedding, can they use your microphone and sound system?

      A:  Yes they can. They can plug into the system and not have to worry about providing their own sound.

Q:  Requests?

      A:  You bet! The entire library will be there and I will be more than happy to play danceable requests.

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